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Absolut5&6 are VW T5 and T6 specialists. Approved VW and Pendle Performance Agents.
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“Jason at Absolut5 Audio recently lined, soundproofed and fitted an audio system – 240 hook up and leisure battery system to my kombi. I drove from Sheffield & on my return to pick the van up he collected me from the train station – which was out of his way. The sound system is epic and the van so quiet – I’d get him to do it again. Plus his pricing was better than places closer.”

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“Just received my audio kit personally hand piked and selected by Jason. Super helpful guy, nothing was too much trouble and no question too stupid. My local car audio shop had only heard of the speakers Jason supplied me, but said they were of a higher class than the mainstream brands they supply so had no real experience with them.
 So absolut5 was the right choice for me as I asked for the best and got it. I can highly recommend Absolut5 to anyone who wants some expert help. Thanks for the great customer experience.”

Stu3k: vwt4forum | vwt4forum.co.uk

“Just to add my tuppeny worth; just had a new Pioneer AVH-X3500DAB fitted at Absolut5 and I’m over the moon with it. An excellent sound system that I probably haven’t figured out half of its capabilities yet. The guys there fit our van in at VERY short notice and I will definitely be going back for another visit (not for a reversing camera though Jason!!!!). Definitely worth a visit to these guys if you need anything doing, and I do mean anything.”

Butty: vwt4forum | vwt4forum.co.uk

 “Just showing some appreciation for this fella who like a number of trade members on here gives a lot of time and advice helping members out without any expectation of business from you. He’s been really helpful to me both directly and indirectly even knowing I’m not buying from him. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from him if the need arose.”

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